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The Right Recipe by Kristi Whitlow


“They really are Krazy Good!” – Chef Scott V

“Love your product! So good straight out of the jar! My husband loved them as well!” – Jana W

“Used them for the first time last night! One word: Wow!” – Darren F

“Just tried them… Wow… The name fits them to a T!” – Weston A

“OMG-Love it! I made potato salad and put half a jar in it! Now that’s yummy!” – Laurie C

“Krazy Good BBQ chicken tonight rocks!” – Chef Dana D

“I tell ya, I’m gonna need a volume discount!” – April A

“We have tried the candied jalapeños over salmon & love it.” – Kelly D

“Just ate one right out of the jar, good stuff!” – Shelly H

“Mike and I got in to a jar on my birthday. I already loved it, but he couldn’t stop eating it! One down!” – Tammy R

“My fish tacos became Krazy Good last night! They were delicious! The peppers made the tacos!” – Weston A

“Capsaicin delivered via Krazy Good sounds like the ultimate in win-win!” – Jeff K

“Delicious, delicious! Sweet with a kick at the end! Love it!” – Gerilyn M

“They’ll make great gifts for any occasion!” – Krissy C

“First we ate them straight out of the jar, yum! Then I made the kids mac ‘n cheese for dinner. I thought why not, yum! I got home and my husband wanted quesadillas and he had them on those! Yum again! I don’t think I can go wrong with this great product! Thanks! So far everyone loves it!” – Kendall S

“I made an egg scramble (sausage, ham, mushrooms, cheese) this morning with your candied jalapeños and it was soooo good! Next time I’ll take a pic and post it. Thanks Krazy Good!!” – Angie V

“Krazy Good is Krazy Good! Tried them for the first time atop my breakfast burrito. So yummy!” – Monica W

“It is Double D’s ridiculously Krazy Good rack sauce. Heavens to Murgatroyd. The candied jalapeños along with the jalapeño nectar, some smoked onions and other secret ingredients make it worthy of a BBQ sauce throwdown!” – Chef Dana D

“Yummy appetizer, cream cheese with Krazy Good atop served with crackers… was Krazy Good last night! These are amazing!” – Monica W