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Gerilyn King – Proprietress, founder, creator, chief cook and bottle washer.

“Food is love. Making food makes me happy!”

Krazy Good Candied Jalapeños are a custom blend of jalapeños, spices and ingredients that are the result of more than three years of tweaking and testing with friends and family. The result is a delicious, irresistible and addictive spicy treat that folks can’t seem to get enough of! So many people were asking me for the recipe over the years and told me that I would be nuts to not try to sell and market them that I decided to give it a shot!

In May 2011, I started at one store and have now added an additional five in Snohomish and King Counties.

My goal is to continue to grow and share the ultimate in sweet and spicy with the masses!

I am a Grandma-taught, homestyle cook with three amazing, supportive, grown children, one adorable granddaughter, and one handsome grandson. Other than cooking, I enjoy gardening, photography, reading and hanging out with friends. My empty nest has been filled with two precious, spoiled puppies, Lola Josephine and Sophia Bernadette.

~ Best wishes, Gerilyn